How to Earn

Our System is design for those who are interested to earn online, As a member you can earn.

When you visit the blog daily, Comments, Share on Whatsapp groups and contacts, Invite people with your referral link.


Registration- 100point – $1

Daily Visit – 50point – $0.5

Comment on any post – 50point – $0.5

View Website Topics – 50point – $0.5

Share on whatsapp group – 1000point – $10, please note this is calculated via people who click on the link

How To Cash Out / Earning Withdrawal

On Smline Income Project, we have come up with a remarkable working plan to make sure all participants benefit and cash out their earnings without losing or ending up getting frustrated. We want everybody to experience online earning opportunities and cash out to their bank accounts while retaining and sustaining Smline Income Project as the most trusted and leading earning platform . As such, we are using a first come, first serve and most effective method on our monthly revenue sharing.

Both affiliate commission and activities earning are paid out upon withdrawal monthly based on activeness and membership duration on the forum and due time for revenue share. We will make sure no member is left out without getting paid so long you are active and earn up to the maximum withdrawal threshold, either with or without referral earning. Monthly income will be published with details of how revenue is shared in a specific month with the beneficiaries list.

Minimum withdrawal remains $100 independently on both activities earning and affiliate commission. Withdrawal is paid out every last day of the month to ensure the stability and sustainability of the system, reasonable and impressive salary payment to your bank account monthly. Members profile and activities will be duly reviewed on the website from time to time, including payment day to ensure no member is left out from the monthly payroll.

Once you earn up to $100 in your activities, it will automatically be dropped in your wallet for cash out. The same thing applies to affiliate earning; once you have earned up to $100 on your affiliate earning, it will also be dropped in your wallet automatically as both earning standalone and independent. You will get paid with a referral or no referral base on how active you are and your duration on the forum + if you are due for payment. This is to ensure no member is lagging without getting paid.



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